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At Kalido, we provide the software solution you need to support this internal incentive strategy. We can help you create your incentive program.

But what is the incentive?

To simplify, the commercial incentive includes all the means used by a company to boost their sales teamsWhether they are internal or external. This method integrates an ROI sales strategy that stimulates performance through challenges or contests.

In a fun employee journey, the challenge is to identify the best salespeople and to create individual or collective challenges. In addition to rewarding efforts and stimulating your employer brand, this method is a great communication tool to communicate your objectives and maintain the attention of your interlocutors.

In order to guarantee the best results, an incentive program must follow a few rules. Follow the guide!

Define the objectives of the challenge

  • Define a quantitative objective, such as sales volume, or a qualitative objective, such as brand engagement. It is essential that this objective be understandable to all.
  • The objective must be coherent and above all attainable. This goal must enhance the vision of the company and the confidence of the managers and not appear as over-exploitation in disguise.
  • Think about what you say and master the communication. Tease, introduce your challenges and inform your target of the different levels reached. It is important to contextualize your challenge and to present the prizes to be achieved.

Organize the game mechanics

  • A watchword : simplicity. A successful operation is most often based on understandable mechanics. The editing of the rules is a key step to avoid misunderstandings, requests and frustrations.
  • Prioritize endowments to offer a reward to each participant. The challenge is to involve the entire workforce: reward every effort until success is achieved.
  • An incentive program is based on personalization to maintain the appeal of all. This individual approach can be applied even in the context of a collective challenge through the personalization of rewards.

Determine the duration of the challenge

  • The business objective should define the timing of the incentive operation. The temporality of your market conditions the incentive times of your company. A good operation can last from 1 day to 1 year: the important thing is consistency with the objective to be achieved.
  • Define reliable performance indicators that will allow you to value this initiative. On the other hand, the transparency of these results to your audience keeps your salespeople engaged.
  • To make the buzz or to lead a long-distance race? The key is to maintain the endurance of your operation. No matter what, stick to the advertised duration to avoid disappointing your audience or losing credibility.

Define the right target

  • Individual or collective? Define groups that share similar indicators. In addition, the Kalido solution offers a personal interface allowing to accumulate challenges and group attributions.
  • Creating a competition is a great way to boost engagement. For this, it is essential to create comparable populations in the context of collective challenges.
  • A model of operation addressing the entire workforce of a company is becoming more and more common. It is entirely possible to assign a goal based on positive behaviors and give a CSR direction to your incentive program.

A successful launch!

  • Customization is also the key to a successful launch. Thus, a qualified database is essential. Be as precise as possible, each piece of data is precious to personalize the employee experience: name, first name, birthday, email etc… For this, ask your internal resources (accounting, human resources…).
  • Multiply the communication channels to announce your operation: collaborative networks, internal newspapers, posters in the workplace, etc. Events are an excellent way to connect the field with the online operation.