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For a stable and healthy growth, a company needs to work on its B2B customer relationship. Having a good customer relationship also helps to build customer loyalty, increase retention and receive repeat business. However, managing a B2B customer relationship can be complex. Especially since in France, very few companies think about developing an efficient customer relationship management system. In this article, we propose you to discover how to accompany B2B customers.

Understand the concept of the customer journey

Customer experience is a key concept in the customer journey. It is therefore necessary to integrate it into the marketing processes of your company. The customer journey is the set of steps that transforms a cold prospect who does not yet have the intention to buy into a loyal customer.

These different steps are the :

  • Conquest,
  • Qualification,
  • Loyalty,
  • Creating a multi-channel customer experience.

Each of these steps requires a good knowledge of your targets’ consumption habits , their needs and their specific characteristics. You should detail their information as much as possible, such as their thoughts, emotions, and states of mind, resulting from their interactions with your product and your team. Most importantly, you need to integrate an effective customer relationship management system throughout the entire journey. Kalido offers an ecosystem that centralizes customer repositories and simplifies the loyalty process.

How to define customer relationship management?

Customer Relationship Management or CRM (Costumer Relationship Management) is the set of supports and tools used in order to optimize and improve the customer relationship. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to be able to capture, process and analyze customer information.

The goal is to be able to target and segment contacts in order to boost and direct the company’s marketing strategy. And the most important element in customer relationship management is to retain the company’s customers.

It is important to know thatacquiring a new customer costs 25 to 400% more than retaining existing ones. A loyal customer has many benefits for the company:

  • A new purchase,
  • A second, generally higher purchase,
  • Acceptance of prizes,
  • Etc.

Customer support in B2B begins during the prospecting phase and continues through to after-sales service.

How to do customer support in B2B?

With the expansion of technology, customers have become demanding. It is therefore up to the company to prove to the customer that, beyond the conclusion of the sale, he is of value to it. To achieve this, you must include your customers at the heart of your business strategy. Rewarding engagement is an essential lever for extending the customer experience. We work with you to create a marketplace that reflects your image and creates a seamless journey for your users.

A multi-channel organization for customer support in B2B

This means that you need to use different communication channels to interact with customers at each stage of the sales process. The choice of the channel will depend on the message you want to convey and the habits, needs and means of consumption of your customers. Online chat, SMS, social networks, emailing, etc. The most important thing is to be on the same platforms as your customers.

The surest way to define a customer relationship management strategy is to listen to your customers’ expectations and analyze their perception of your company. Identifying the needs and expectations of customers allows us to provide them with a tailor-made offer. With a loyalty program, you add a new source of navigational, transactional and declarative data. This way, you keep in touch with your customers and have clear indicators.

How to personalize the customer experience with CRM?

Here, we will distinguish two similar, yet complementary, concepts. It’s about customer experience and customer relationship management. To ensure a good customer experience, you need to use CRM and focus on ways to retain customers. Once your customers engage with your company, they will give you feedback on different channels by posting comments, participating in paper or online surveys, etc… This engagement can then be valued and rewarded, feeding a virtuous marketing circle.

From customer relationship to customer experience

Once again, multi-channel remains the best way to collect information about your customers. Indeed, we meet various profiles on the Internet, present on different communication channels. That’s why the company needs to make sure it is present on all channels, whether it’s social media, the phone or even trade shows. Also, Kalido will accompany you and ensure the customer relationship via a multilingual team. Our marketing experts also create animations and physical communication supports to present your program in stores.

However, the use of these channels should remain simple and easy for the user, which is where the notion of customer experience comes in. The customer experience takes into account the feelings and emotions that your customers experience during the different stages of the customer journey. The main difference between customer experience and customer relationship is that the former plays on emotions, while the latter deals with needs based on actions. Your BtoB loyalty program is easily accessible and we put theuser at the heart of our developments. Also, thanks to a rich and exclusive catalog of 15,000 references and fun animations of your community, we create a strong emotional experience.

The customer experience

It will therefore be a matter of offering the best possible shopping experience to your customers. And each of your efforts must adapt to multi-channel management, being available all the time, with maximum efficiency. Putting the customer at the center of your thinking changes everything. This is why today, customer relations represent a full-fledged profession that must be mastered.

Customer experience is a key element in B2B support: according to a study by Accenture Strategy, a successful customer experience allows the company toimprove its revenue by an average of13% in a year. While companies that have not used this approach are stagnating.

Yet the same survey reveals that only 23% of B2B companies have opted for a customer experience optimization solution. A survey conducted by Wavestone in collaboration with the French Customer Relationship Association shows that 88% of people say that customer experience is a key criterion, yet less than 23% of companies surveyed are working to optimize their customer experience.

We conclude that many companies are reluctant to develop their customer experience because it requires them to change the way they operate. It is by placing the customer at the center of the company’s thinking and concerns that we will be able to make a real change in customer support in B2B. With a 100% compliant, custom-built solution, Kalido creates the first B2B marketplace that integrates seamlessly into your environment.