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In this section, we learn that 98% of French people have at least one loyalty card. Today, it is rare to find a company or a point of sale that does not offer them. To talk about customer loyalty, we must take into account the notion of customer satisfaction. This loyalty is based on the service provided to the customer, the quality of the customer relationship and the relevance of the incentive mechanisms used. This customer satisfaction is achieved through a multi-channel approach. Kalido offers to help you create your online loyalty program.

How to evaluate customer loyalty?

One loyalty program differs from another depending on the company’s interpretation of loyalty, in other words, what is rewarded and promoted: commitment, purchase frequency, average basket, recommendation etc…

Notion of customer transactional value

It is based on the customer’s buying behavior. This is the basic concept around which most traditional loyalty programs are built. The company rewards the customer based on the number and frequency of purchases. The latter will then receive a personal reward. Through the online loyalty program, the client can view his benefits and and the objectives to be reached in order to receive a reward.

However, transactional value can become more complex and also take into account:

  • The total amount of the transaction,
  • The nature of the purchases (the scale is done by product reference),
  • The customer’s seniority (especially in the case of subscriptions)

Customer commitment

Customer experience is the key to customer loyalty. A satisfied customer will come back regularly and will also tend to interact in a qualitative way with your brand. Customer engagement is valuable because it allows you to execute your marketing strategy in the best possible way. An online loyalty program is a tool that allows you to measure this engagement and monitor your campaigns by customer segment.

The impact of the customer on the company’s overall turnover

Here, we must take into account loyalty actions such as
successful sponsorships
. This way, you will invite your best customers to sponsor your brand to their friends and family. As a brand ambassador, they can then benefit from exclusive advantagespersonalized offers, private events, a dedicated online store etc… Sponsorship is a ROI approach approach to acquiring highly qualified new customers.

You should also consider the influence on different known platforms, such as social networks, forums, customer reviews, etc. These interactions also allow you to have a better knowledge of your customers. The advantage of the online loyalty program is its interconnection with social media.

The different types of online loyalty programs

Traditional loyalty programs generally use generic discounts on a limited selection of products as their first loyalty lever. Kalido offers a personalization of the customer journey pushed to the extreme. Our programs are based on a statutory dimension which offers several levels of targeted benefits and a catalog of exclusive rewards.

Here are some levers to stimulate your clientele:

  • Points program: By opting for this type of loyalty program, the customer can accumulate points in his personal space. To earn points, they must make purchases. These points allow a community identification by converting a monetary index into a unique value exchangeable on the platform for a product/service.
  • Advantageous programs : Here, the rewards are not only financial. The customer can benefit from privileges such as partner offers, access to your brand’s events, private sales, but especially a marketplace dedicated to loyal customers.
  • Statutory Program: the customer who has a transactional and relational commitment can earn points that move them up the status ladder. Depending on their level in the ladder, they may receive some type of financial, relational and special service benefit.
  • Content Program: Depending on the customer’s profile and history, he receives different types of content via the different relational animation channels. The value of this program lies in the quality and relevance of the content for the client.
  • Gamification Program: The loyalty program is based on the codes of the game. There will therefore be animation mechanisms based on winning moments, draws, auctions, challenges with collective or individual objectives, contests, etc. The rewards are multiple: bonus points, badges opening additional services …
  • Conversational program: the interface of these programs integrates platforms for discussions between customers and the brand or between customers. This is possible on social networks, forums, chat modules, etc. This type of program allows the brand ambassadors to benefit from their influence.

Kalido publishes a tailor-made solution integrating all the functionalities you need in your online loyalty program.


What are the benefits of an online loyalty program?

Loyalty programs offer a number of benefits:

  • Discovering your business: A good loyalty program takes into account the needs of customers and should also encourage outsiders to participate. The goal is to make the concept viral. Kalido is committed to promoting your program at the point of sale and online. Our marketing team creates, in addition to user animations, innovative advertising materials and even events that will leave a lasting impression on your visitors.
  • Incentive to return: The goal of a loyalty program is to bind the customer and get your customers to return.
  • Rewarding your customers’ loyalty: A loyal customer buys regularly from you, which means that he is convinced of your products. You can maintain this competitive advantage by offering unique content to these customers to show them the value they have for you.
  • Remain present in the memory of your customers: With your online loyalty program that customers can access even on their cell phones, you remain visible to your customers. It is an effective solution to stay present in their mind.

You have a solid customer database: in order to benefit from your loyalty program, your customers must give you their information (email address, phone number, etc.). It is therefore a mine of information that aggregates transactional and declarative data. Information that allows you to launch an omnichannel and targeted marketing strategy.