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How to stimulate your distributor network? Whether you run a network of franchisees or a chain of several integrated stores, the satisfaction of your distributors is the key to achieving your objectives. Unite your network by providing solutions to engage your teams.

Kalido supports you on a daily basis with some tips to stimulate your distributor network. Then follow the guide!

Lead your external sales teams

Your influencers need to be supported by your brand. With your distributors, especially non-exclusive ones, the sales representatives must perceive the benefits of your products to promote your range. Distinguish yourself from your competitors by creating a distributor club that rewards the performance of your prescribers. This way, you stay in the mind of the sales force and every sale will boost their commitment.

Keep in touch with your prescribers in the field

The administrators of your brand do not have the time to create a strong enough relationship with your distribution network ? Here again, a digital platform can bring together transactional and relational aspects. Offer your external teams a fun communication platform and intuitive. Thus, you will be able to inform your network of your objectives, your successes and preserve a dematerialized means of exchange 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Invest in point-of-sale promotion of your brand

Your products face your competitors on the shelves and the advisor is often decisive in the act of purchase. Animate the salespeople in the store is therefore a key element of your commercial differentiation. At Kalido, we create your incentive program that allows you to rewarding the most dedicated sellers to your brand. This global solution promotes your brand image in the field and increases your sympathy capital, your care capital.

Inform your distribution network

Your turnover depends directly on the quality of your relationship with your network. Indeed, a committed seller will be able to propose a product adapted to the request. To do this, we create a solution that adapts to your current situation. Present your news, your objectives and ask your network’s knowledge thanks to an online game tool. These features will allow you to take your operational marketing strategy to the point of sale.

Monitor the performance of each actor in your network

Analyze results in real time and follow sales volumes as close as possible to the end consumer, a dream? So that your management remains agileChoose a customized monitoring interface. Your platform Kalido aggregates and orders declarative data collected on your network. To be rewarded, each user can register his results. This means that you can see reliable, current and direct data at any time.

Lead your external network and convey your ambitions

You cannot directly manage your network of external vendors at the risk of creating conflicts with your distribution partners. Increase your reach by including every player in your brand club. Via this program, freely challenge its users aroundclear objectives from your business strategy A « soft power » that will increase your managerial reach.

Your products deserve a relationship of trust with all the intermediaries that separate them from the final consumer. To serve your brand in the best possible way, Kalido has a marketing team specialized in distributor animation since 2009. Stand out with a loyalty solution that will put your products in the spotlight.