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Acquiring new customers is often costly and many companies have chosen to focus on regular customers and recurring purchases rather than prospecting, which is 7 times more expensive. The loyalty strategy takes its meaning in rewarding the most committed customers. So how do you create an effective loyalty program?

Know how to reward your customers

In an increasingly competitive market, there are many alternatives available to your customers. More than a quality product, consumers now expect a service that lives up to their trust. In this context, a loyalty program is an opportunity to pamper them. More than rewards, it is important to dedicate a relational offer to them, capable of creating a link.

Loyalty is first and foremost about understanding each customer and using the right mechanics. Kalido’s software solution aggregates data from your CRM, point of sale or third party tools and adds it to your Kalido online store. Thus completed, the user profile allows you to offer stimulating benefits adapted to the reality of your client, whether it is an individual or a company.

How to create a personalized loyalty program?

Your customers are unique, your loyalty program must be too. Your beneficiaries determine your reward mechanics. Personalization is the only way to create interest in your users. Remember, they are in demand every day. So you’ll need to stand out from the crowd to create engagement.

Once you have captured the attention of your protégés, the key is to offer a wide range of rewards. Browsing data can help you choose new products and services: listen to your customers! Also consider after-sales service, to preserve the customer experience from a delivery problem.

Kalido offers a turnkey solution with a customizable reward catalog. In addition, we provide all maintenance and after-sales services.

Build a reward program that’s right for you

With Kalido, you can now develop your relationship marketing with a platform that reflects your image. We help you define the levers and points of interaction with your customers and ensure a consistent experience across the entire loyalty journey. Technically, you control all the parameters of your tool: registrations, editing of profiles, management of loyalty points…

The challenge is to move the customer/merchant relationship into a more emotional one. Thus, converting euros into points allows to take advantage of a psychological bias. The transactional is then replaced by the relational. Similarly, your platform should reflect your brand. It is a space in which every error is a risk to see the user leave the web browsing. How to create a loyalty program? To maximize your connection time, call on our teams to advise you.