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Converting your prospects into true ambassadors of your brand is a major challenge, as loyalty is profitable compared to the acquisition of new customers. But ensuring a seamless user experience is a challenge for your marketing team? The use of CRM or platforms such as Kalido’s solution allows you to automate actions such as sending communications based on user behavior or activating targeted promotions.

One happy customer is better than two dissatisfied ones!

In order to deploy the right automation, the key is to plan an effective action plan: scenarios that anticipate the marketing response to the needs and expectations of each user. Save time and connect with your target!

Establishing scenarios adapted to each phase of prospect maturation is the key to the success of your marketing automation strategy. Marketing automation is therefore the solution to serenely transform your prospects. But supporting them means an initial investment in time. Don’t panic! We have prepared a selection of mandatory contact points to animate your community.

A welcome message

You have to learn how to welcome your new recruit! Personalization is at the heart of the marketing automation strategy. A message that includes the prospect’s name or offers suggestions specific to the prospect’s profile and tastes is an excellent way to make a good impression. For this, use the declarative data entered by your new users in accordance with your terms of use. Registration to your loyalty club, to a newsletter or simply after the creation of a cart on your e-commerce site, the opportunities are not lacking!

User nurturing

Educating your prospect is an often forgotten first step. Once an Internet user has filed personal information on your site: it becomes a potential customer. The process begins with a nurturing phase, which consists of informing and reassuring your target. Directing the prospect to qualitative editorial content (blog, comparative articles, tutorials or videos) is a good way to convince them. The more the user will be invested and engaged, the more the proposed content will have to be precise and personalized.

User scoring

Adjust your interactions to your customer’s life cycle with a scoring scenario. The data collected (I.P. address, browsing habits, sector of activity, location, etc.) makes it possible toevaluate the quality of each prospect and to rate them according to their behavior. This way, you can adapt to the proximity and qualification levels of your target. Data is your best friend here since it allows you to prioritize prospects and identify those who should be contacted in a systematic way. Moreover, you can double this strategy with targeted commercial operations to increase your conversion rates.

The very VIP invitation

You may be asking yourself,  » Why is my event deserted despite my communication efforts?  » Then you have certainly created a generic mailing. That time has passed. Data exploitation is once again essential. The promotion of an event requires an omnichannel strategy that spreads a message on media adapted to each customer (mailing, SMS, print, etc.).

Involve your customer

A personalized message sent at the right time will honor your event. Thus, create a communication plan upstream to give each point of contact a precise stake and KPI. Also consider including confirmation and follow-up points in this course. Thanking your participants after your latest success is also a great way to leave a lasting impression!

The loyalty scenario

That’s it, your prospect has joined the family! Congratulations! Now begins the conversion 2.0: the loyalty. At this point, understanding your target requires an intelligent aggregation of your data. Avoid siloed structures that isolate your data because this stage of your customer’s life cycle is unforgiving to forget! A birthday party? Take advantage of every moment of your life to develop the reflex to your brand. Third-party data acquisition allows for more diversity and the ability to identify changes in trends. This way, you can track your customers’ tastes over time.

Stimulate the customer journey with automation

Improve your conversion rate with marketing automation. This ROI approach, based on relationship marketing, allows you to develop customer engagement and long-term loyalty. Scripts are mandatory steps in the exchange between your brand and your customers. Marketing automation is a tool that requires consistent technological support. To implement these tools, an expertise adapted to your market and your sector of activity is essential. Kalido is a relationship marketing agency that publishes a software solution dedicated to your loyalty strategy.