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Retention is as important as the acquisition of new customers. As a reminder, building loyalty in your consumer base costs 7 times less than prospectingto seduce and transform new customers. What tools have you developed to engage your customers? Kalido offers you simple and effective loyalty tools.

The loyalty strategy is at the heart of your business development.

«  The reason a business exists is to create and keep a customer. « 

Theodore Levitt, American economist


With this in mind, let’s take stock of your business strategy:

  • What is your company’s posture when speaking to your customers?
  • What are your tools for building customer loyalty?
  • What is the added value of your customer service?
  • Is your customers’ experience during their journey satisfactory?

80% of sales efforts are devoted to prospecting: what if we started by working on your relationship with your current customers?

How do I engage my customers and turn them into partners?

«  The more you engage your customers, the more understandable things become and the easier it becomes to determine what you need to do. « 

John Russell, former Vice President of Harley-Davidson

Customer relationships are the foundation of a viable customer retention strategy. More than a provider, the challenge is to become a partner of your customers and to propose a relationship of interdependence. More than meeting a need, you need to understand the motivations of your audience. This will result in limit the leakage of your ambassadors and counter the competition.

Interviewing your audience is an essential step in building an authentic customer relationship. Whether it is for to measure the level of satisfaction or to collect feedback on your services feedback on your servicesSend them personalized and targeted communications.

Accompanying your clients well

«  Building a successful brand is not just about R.O.I., it’s about building an authentic relationship with customers. « 

Ryan Holmes, founder of HootSuite

Transparency also means communicating how you work. Educating your customers about your business and your practices helps develop a climate of trust. So adopt an open attitude and give time to your to your partners. This will allow your relationship to grow in the same direction, while allowing for forgiveness in the event of dysfunction.

You have received a positive advice, an operational idea? Thank your customers for their trust with a message and a little bonus. The Kalido loyalty solution combines a communication interface à a rewards marketplace in order to strengthen the links between your brand and its customers.

A winning customer loyalty strategy is measured by recommendations

The loyalty of your users is a performance that translates into additional sales figures. Transactional indicators benefit from the recurring purchases of your existing customers, but also from of the new prospects that they will generate. Solicit your ambassadors to receive qualitative testimonials to reinforce your brand image. Create a customer retention strategy with a sponsorship program thanks to Kalido.