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Since 2009, Kalido supports its partners in the creation of loyalty and incentive programs for their customers and external teams. Kalido is also a communication tool and a preferred channel for the diffusion of your brand image. If our priority remains transparencyyour marketing agency is changing its face and and takes stock of its brand identity !

Kalido, responsible marketing agency

Reaffirming our commitments

Today, Youkado is changing into Kalido. Although our name has changed, our philosophy remains anchored in the values, convictions and qualities we have built over the years.

Kalido is a unique solution that distinguishes itself by a complete mastery of the value chain and strong biases. We have chosen to illustrate these assets in our graphic charter. Our ambition is to focus on corporate responsibility. A posture marked by the name care.

Kalido also draws its strength from a clever balance between the strong player in Europe that we embody and the position of a human-sized company.

Strengthen our brand image

Kalido’s new image finds its starting point in a certain stability: a horizontal set with a bold typographic body, underlining the presence and power of the agency’s logotype.

Developed in-house by our graphic studio, this logo is declined in a series of iconographic images that reveal the extent of our values and our know-how.






We have defined a variation of pictograms using the visual of the dot, as well as a vast lexical field containing the word dot: Kalido is the starting point towards a more responsible marketing.

Kalido has a new look and brings the Youkado adventure to a close.

Our name is new but not our experience! Reflecting our expertise and our corporate strategy, we hope to convey a strong message in favor of the development of your Capital Care.