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With the upheaval in work habits, it is easy for employees to lose track. Disappropriation of missions, loss of relational reference points or compartmentalization of knowledge The consequences of de-motivation are serious. The disengagement of employees thus represents a huge loss of earnings, estimated at 14 000€ per year and per employee ( source IBET ).

Kalido, publisher of SAAS motivation solution, supports groups on a daily basis to stimulate their sales forces and external collaborators. Here, we offer you solutions to challenge your teams.

Reward success

Conducting negotiations, prospecting before signing and meet a target Your employees’ efforts deserve your attention. Empirical methods are still used by many groups It’s time to give it all a facelift!

The modern approach: towards omnichannel motivation

Digital tools exist today to make every success an event. If the methods mentioned earlier are commonplace, a internal communication platform allows you to restore interest in your approach. Present your objectives to your teams and display up-to-date performance monitoring to give your employees the desire to excel.

Providing a visualization of the accomplished steps is a real source of motivation. By adopting a cloud-based incentive solution that aggregates your team’s transactional data, you create a fun employee experience. A countdown of efforts before a material reward is a modern and challenging approach.


The incentive: an economical choice

Motivating sales people is a necessary a necessary condition for performance of your company. This direct relationship between social performance (lower absenteeism, lower turnover) and economic performance (higher productivity) is the basis ofROI management. To effectively motivate your troops, rewards are the most important motivational lever.

The SAAS motivation solution

The reward is also dematerialized with the online store created especially for your company. Kalido, the relationship marketing agencyoffers a rewards marketplace that centralizes the features presented above. Our catalog is intended for both to your employee and to the broader entities with products and services for your teams. Bring individual and group rewards to your stores.

Bring a little fun to work

In addition to the motivational solution, this program is an opportunity for your departments to meet collective objectives in order to receive bonuses that will leave a mark. Your incentive solution can offer to win fun, practical and user-friendly facilities. Also think about the services such as training, outings or care. These attentions contribute to the internal life of the offices by creating a warmer space.

Empower your employees

As a manager, you want to have a comprehensive an exhaustive vision of the performance of your teams. But don’t forget that your employee also needs to see this data to perform. Througha 100% manageable dashboardThe salesperson is in control of his or her success and has the means to achieve it. Moreover, the challenge as an event allows to transmit a clear individual quantitative objective. This communication tool is a condition for the independence of your employees.