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Sales people are the face of your brand: make sure they keep smiling. They determine your sales and their commitment is an indicator of the health of your network. How do you reward salespeople and animate this force according to your marketing objectives? Your commercial network is a sometimes complex network that needs to be federated around common interests. Kalido offers an incentive solution that meets these expectations.

Challenge your goals

Our job is to enhance the commitment of your external sales force via a reward platform . Your sales people receive additional rewards when they meet specific marketing objectives: sales volume, commitment to your brand, promotion of a range, etc. In addition, attract the attention of your teams by communicating your objectives through fun challenges. This collaborative experience transforms the transactional into the emotional.

Stimulate your sales representatives’ career path

Behind every vendor is a competitor. Kalido offers them animations that stimulate this instinct. Your marketplace adopts your image and gamifies your employee journey. The interface allows you to display the performance of each profile by badges that crown their achievements. Our social tool therefore combines performance and fun.


Create a cohesive sales team

The attractiveness of the platform is an asset for your communication. Use Kalido’s solution to reward sales people but also to integrate your teams. Whether you manage a network of agencies, franchisees or an integrated chain, you can challenge groups of users. So celebrate individual and group successes with ease. Communicate regularly on your teams’ performance to involve the most backward salespeople.

Reward salespeople responsibly

Together we build an online store for your teams to spend their points. With a catalog of over 15,000 products, we control the entire reward distribution chain in-house. But we also want to offer a committed solution: a responsible tool that reduces superfluous communications and offers eco-responsible products/services .

Kalido is a relationship marketing agency: adopt a new management mode based on challenge and valorization. Follow and analyze the performance of each entity in an instant from your administrator space. To learn more about our operational solutions, contact our marketing teams.

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