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Have you succeeded in transforming your prospects, in creating a network of loyal customers who recognize themselves in your brand? Congratulations! Now you need to build a trusting relationship with your ambassadors. Their commitment deserves your recognition. Here, we share some tips on how to end your customer journey on a high note. This article follows the presentation
essential tools to optimize your loyalty strategy
. How to thank your loyal customers and ambassadors?

Stimulate your community with commercial animations

Create a privileged relationship with your ambassadors and thank them by offering exclusive benefits. More than just coupons, a loyalty club allows to offer products/services in preview: pre-sales, discounts, accessories linked to the acquired products… These surprise attentions must be personalized to create a feeling of belonging to a community.

Offer a sponsorship program

Kalido is a SAAS solution editor with a referral program. The referral program allows you to increase your prospect base. Engaging your ambassadors is valuable to your business strategy. Combined with a large catalog of rewards, your user interface grants a bonus credit for each validated recommendation: a great way to thank your committed customers! Thus, extend your forward-looking strategy to your existing customer network.

Valuing your customer

If there is an « employee of the month » in many companies, why not present the customers who most embody your brand? This method is particularly effective for BtoB markets. Set achievable goals and communicate them through a dedicated space for your customers. Then, offer visibility to your best ambassadors to your network. This method also adds value to your external communication by showing the commitment of your customers; a true social proof of your know-how.

Invite your customers to an event

How can your loyalty strategy serve your outlets? Engage your audience by inviting them to a unique and thematic event. Use a store opening to create an opportunity to meet your community. Private sales, conferences or simple order discount, all means are good to mark the spirits. Host workshops such as product tests, tutorials and treat your guests. Also, make sure that every visitor leaves with a souvenir! This is a great way to thank your most loyal customers.

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