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What could be better than a committed and motivated sales team? You think that incentives are expensive? Increasing the results of your sales force and motivating your sales representatives: it’s worth a small investment, but how can you generate maximum returns with a limited investment?

Highlighting your teams

The time when incentives were only given through corporate gifts is over. Today, the first vector of motivation is the support and attention you give to your salespeople. Your management determines the whole of your incentive strategy: understanding their expectations, knowing their business, their markets, their comfort level with the product, identifying the relationships forged with customers, etc. Proximity provides a serene framework for all your future incentive operations.

Communicate your goals simply

In addition to personalized support, the involvement of the salesperson in the life of the company is a key to motivation in the company. Offering the opportunity to become a decision-maker and opening horizontal communication channels are real manna that will help your sales people achieve their goals. Your collaborators will then be able to indicate the most promising levers of success as well as the obstacles that block the achievement of your forecasts. The Kalido platform natively links an incentive platform with unique rewards and services and a transparent communication tool.

Rewarding responsibly

The incentive is not limited to a leisure-oriented product offer. In fact, valuing your employees is also reflected in your efforts to make them feel good in their company. Take advantage of your new structure to offer services that your sales representatives need: training, supplies, daily accessories, etc. Increase their flexibility and improve the skills of your teams with a responsible and professional solution.


Boost your teams with a structured challenge

Engage your entire sales force: organize an in-house sales event to direct the efforts of your teams. To follow a ROI strategy and keep a viable economic operation, it is important to agree on investment levels and even to automate the calculation of value for each sale made.

A fun incentive solution

Organizing a challenge is a way to gamify and give a playful tone to a trivially commercial objective. It is therefore an excellent way to motivate your sales representatives. With a dedicated platform, you can individualize this goal and assign a personalized value to each achievement. As we discussed in a previous article, removing the monetary value of a benefit allows you to switch from transactional to emotional. Converting euros into points is a trick to bias the user’s perception and overestimate the value of the reward. However, be careful to keep achievable levels so as not to totally disengage the participants.

Track your business operations

Your growth indicators are the foundation of your program. These values will allow you to develop automation rules that will save you time. Gross margin, sales volume or number of new customers acquired, product knowledge, customer satisfaction rate: combine quantitative and qualitative data to develop relevant objectives. You can also use your tool to collect feedback from your customers and include an external criterion to evaluate your sales team.

Kalido, the agency that accompanies you in your growth

With these tips, you now have all the cards in hand to motivate your salespeople and help them give their best! to learn more about the technical solutions available,
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