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Eco-responsibility is becoming more and more important in the development of companies. Reconciling economic performance with environmental responsibility is no longer an option since the IPCC provided an alarming report on our ecological situation. Whether it’s the legislative framework or simply consumer habits, today’s marketing is changing and loyalty is combining with sustainable development. Let’s discover the advantages of the responsible loyalty program made in Kalido!

Why a responsible loyalty program?

As society changes, so do consumer habits. TheObservatoire Société & Consommation tells us that 55% of French people are aware of environmental issues and consider that they should buy less but better.

In this context, we need to rethink the purpose of loyalty programs and transform relationship marketing strategies to deliver new commitments: find out more here.

Encourage sustainable development

These environmental issues require us to revisit the mechanisms that govern customer loyalty. If programs are based on recurring purchases and the customer’s interest in your brand, new tools make it possible to combine loyalty and sustainable development. A responsible loyalty program rewards commitment and encourages positive action.

Empower your customers

Loyalty in the era of sustainable development therefore integrates communication tools and a relational interface to disseminate your objectives and promote initiatives. For example, a materials distributor may challenge its customers on the recycling of its products. To receive the promised prize, the user will be able to register the used products brought back to the store. Kalido offers a solution that is adapted to your market and to current issues.

A greener customer journey

Want more examples of how to use your loyalty program? The possibilities are varied: for example, encourage the collection of your products in store when ordering online. Choose to promote a more responsible delivery method. Also, promote the second-hand market by putting unused products back on sale. Reward your audience for every responsible purchase made.

Combine the relational and the emotional

Finally, if the earning mechanics are relevant, so is the use of the accumulated points. Indeed, the means of spending their kitty is a lever of responsible engagement. Give your users the opportunity to to support the causes by adding a panel of associations to your catalog.