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Commercial animation :

A customized online loyalty program.


We create your fully integrated fully integrated BtoB customer animation program.


Purchase frequency and average basket, increase your metrics

Reactivate the audience

Reinstate customers at the end of the cycle

Keeping in touch

Broadcast your commercial operations via a new communication tool


Communicate consistently across Europe


What is a loyalty program?

A complete offer to animate your customer relationship:

A digital platform

which centralizes your exchanges.

A regulated framework

to surround your commercial animations.

a kitty

to reward commitment.

Customer loyalty platform
actions to build customer loyalty

Statutory logic

Dedicated benefits and exclusive business services

Growth-enhancing content

Services & rewards to help your business grow

Animation according to the life cycle


Good plans

Fun quizzes…

Winning animations all year long

In line with the client’s sales animation plan.

The online loyalty program is based on addictive and playful animation mechanisms:

Gift vouchers

On and off line events

Adapted gamification


loyalty program at the heart of your business strategy.

Choose the optimal promotional mechanisms for your loyalty strategy and define the criteria for awarding your rewards:

About the business

  • % of sales before tax
  • Objective of C.A.
  • Purchase level
  • Points per reference
  • Rankings

On commitment

  • Ambassador customer testimonials
  • Shared photos or achievements
  • Attendance at events such as trade shows
  • Sponsorship
  • Event (training, workshop…)

Professional clients, craftsmen, companies: We adapt our rewards to your needs

Find a digital marketplace integrated into your relationship program.

Create emotion

Rewards for
physical customers

A marketplace of 12,000 gift references

Products but also services oriented leisure (travel, outing etc. …)

Our commitments :

  • Availability of the proposed items
  • Delivery included
  • Selection of trendy products

    Stimulating growth

    Awards for
    legal entities

    A professional market place with content dedicated to business needs.

    The awards here facilitate :

    • transformation (how to become responsible?)
    • development (how to boost my business?)
    • support (how to simplify my daily life?)

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