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A marketing agency in Lille unlike any other

With a constant growth, we regularly recruit various profiles. It is easy to find a place in our different departments: Development, BI, Purchasing, Customer Service, Marketing, Accounting, Creative Studio, Billing Service etc…

The structure of our relationship marketing agency is organized centrally in our offices in Villeneuve d’Ascq. All the back office services are represented around the two pivotal poles (middle office: customer marketing / front office: sales and key account management).

A leaner organization for a more agile solution

Kalido has taken a radical decision to cut out the middleman and allow for a better flow of ideas and knowledge: eliminate the middle staff in the hierarchical sense.

This organization allows two things:

  1. To be more agile and deliver a satisfactory response to our customers as quickly as possible.
  2. Create a synergy based on pro-active employees who are responsible for their commitments.

The objective of this management strategy is to bring out the best in everyone in their jobs and to create more value overall.

At the same time, the management commits itself to the rules of operation:

  • Knowing how to frame each person’s job with indicators aligned with the proposed scope
  • To be able to decide quickly if a subject is brought with a valued solution
  • Know how to offer professional training on hard skills
  • Knowing how to build an eco-system of external service providers available to coach and support over time

Joining Kalido means having a pioneering spirit, being ambitious about one’s personal contribution to a collective project, having a thirst for enterprise…

What do we expect from our recruits?

Our relationship marketing agency is a a deliberately open and participative structure in which creativity and a sense of sharing are essential. Creativity is also the driving force behind our company’s business dynamics.

We now expect each recruit to have a certain sensitivity to environmental issues. « Kalido, partner of your care capital »: If our signature underlines our commitment careis that it is deeply rooted in our customer promise. It is now up to us toalign each level of our services to this ethical vocation, more respectful of the environment.

Our retail DNA gives us a real edge in the marketplace. Our operational agility comes from both a real proximity to our customers anda highly developed sense of service to our end users. This sensitivity to the needs of our customers is a prerequisite for understanding their needs and listening to them.

Why join a responsible marketing agency?

Relationship marketing agency but also responsible! Joining Kalido means sharing and growing through the diversity of the teams, and wanting to enrich oneself on a daily basis through the multiple exchanges that are possible:

Our premises are open, spacious, bright and invite permanent exchange, well beyond our strong internal times of collective sharing.

Each person can benefit from the creation sessions and contribute to the development of the projects. For this purpose, we carry out all the workshops in our offices. Thus, the experience of each and everyone feeds and enriches our solutions.

The employee experience is not only about afterwork on the terrace but also about dynamic sharing that requires listening and tolerance.

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