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The Capital Care Marketing Agency:

A relationship program that is measured in positive actions for the planet and that takes care of its users.

Expert in network animation: towards a strategy responsiblemarketing strategy.

Adopt a green relationship marketing strategy.

The business world is changing and so are the consumption patterns in companies. The human link is back in place and marketing strategies are turning towards the relational. Our vision is to enable everyone to find a response to a need through responsible rewards. At Kalido, the capital care marketing agency, we provide access to clean and useful products and services.

  • Social compliance / compliance
  • Marketplace of professional services and CSR rewards
  • Positive incentive engaged
  • Gamification according to the « low carbon » commitment
  • Data management

Trees planted in the framework of our animations

CSR products in the catalog

Responsible marketing agency: improve the customer experience

« Kalido customers are our customers too and we feel the care that the Kalido team takes to ensure customer satisfaction and we are delighted to contribute to that. »

Lois Logier - Le Page

Our SAAS solution of network animation …

Promotes equality and well-being at work

Develops short circuits

Contributes to the energy transition

Stratégie marketing responsable

Comment impliquer mes visiteurs dans le développement de mon capital care ?

Pour nous, la valeur d'une entreprise passe par sa responsabilité auprès des Hommes et de l'environnement.

Sponsorship or loyalty: technological solutions for the planet

The basis for the awarding of points is the scanning of invoices, which enablesthe extraction of transactional data automatically from raw documents (PDF, image or print). Thanks to this digital transcription technology, we are adaptable to all billing formats. This process allows us to considerably limit the printing of invoices and to be satisfied with dematerialized commercial supports.

of CO2 saved per dematerialized invoice

Improve theomnichannel consumerexperience

Better use of data means more targeted and therefore more effective communication. Our marketing agency is committed to the development of care capital. We therefore contribute to limiting unnecessary communications and we limit the pollution generated by irrelevant content.

In addition, we have chosen to work with a network of committed providers. For example, we now use only recycled paper for our print materials and limit their distribution to qualified audiences.

Interactive reward tools: producers of choice!

Our software solution places the user and the community at the center of its development. With MyShop Pro, our users can integrate new local suppliers into their store.

This philosophy also provides us with the opportunity to create spaces for the exchange of materials between the artisans in our programs.

Support the causes you care about

Since 2009, we have partnered with over 40 charities to offer our users the opportunity to turn their points into donations. This approach has a real positive impact on each community. This is also the marketing agency of capital care!

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